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depuis 1911

Nous offrons plus que des produits

Chez Alcorta Forging Group, nous offrons plus que des produits de forge; nous proposonsdes solutions personnalisées pour chaque client grâce á la combinaison de notresavoir-faire et du bon usage de l'ensemble des ressources dont nous disponsons.

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Different projects carried out co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2027 (ERDF).

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Visit from the Armeria Eskola

Last Friday, we were visited by the students of 1st Bachiller of Aldatze, from the Armeria Eskola.

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Christmas with "Cruz Roja"

We will participate in several activities organized by the City Council of Elgoibar and “Cruz Roja” of Elgoibar.

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Blood Donors

Association of Blood Donors of Euskadi, who come every 6 months, have come to Alcorta.

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1985 Tool set

José, who wrote to us from Chile, tell us that his father still uses an Alcorta tool set from 1985.

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