• 1911-1982

    The very beginnings

    Theodore Alcorta and Esteban Unzueta establish a 50% partnership named Esteban Unzueta & Co. with a capital investment of 4,000 pesetas. In the early days the company manufactured hand weapons. In 1920 the company changes its name to Alcorta & Co. They start to manufacture weapons, cutlery and electrical appliances. In 1976 they register the highest number of personell compliment, 300 associates.

  • 1982-1997


    In 1982, with Alcorta already established at its new, and current location, enters the automotive industry through Seat, Opel Zaragoza and Ford Valencia.

  • 1997-2005

    New dimension

    Alcorta Brockhaus S.A. is born
    Alcorta and German company Brockhaus Soehne GmbH join their futures to compliment their offerings to the automotive industry when Brockhaus acquires a 51% stake in Alcorta.

    The best German forging technologies and processes, which today are still the industry benchmark are transferred to Alcorta during this period.

  • 2005-2007

    Part of a Great Global Group

    In 2005 Alcorta Brockhaus S.A. is acquired by the multi-national group Mahle when it acquires Brockhaus Soehne GmbH, transferring to Alcorta world class management systems as found in multinational companies.

  • 2007-2009

    Uncertainty and New Project

    Different business and market strategies lead to Alcorta and Mahle's paths to become distant, with Mahle selling its shares to the original founding families. Alcorta once again falls under ownership of its traditional shareholdres, to which a team of employees is added. Following a one year transitional phase in which a new site is opened in South Africa as well as new offices in Czech Republic, France and Germany, Alcorta emerges in 2009 as Alcorta Forging Group.

  • 2011


    After 100 years of existence Alcorta Forging Group is once again a benchmark in the world of forging, reaffirming its values and commitment to the community, bringing to market a renewed offering in accordance to 21st century market needs.

  • 2013-2021

    Global Market

    In 2013 Alcorta Foring Group establishes its first subsidiary in the USA and in 2014 its first customer service office in Shanghai, China, reaffirming its calling to be present in every major global market.

  • 2021


    30,000 sq ft plant expansionin Elgoibar.

    3,200Tn press for larger chassis parts.

  • 2022-Actualidad

    New Boston, Michigan

    We acquired a forging plant in New Boston (Detroit, MI), where we produce hot forging parts in North America, reinforcing our commitment to globalisation and the American market.