Our environment

Alcorta Forging Group's environment

Alcorta Forging Group is located in the Basque Country, northern Spain, a leading region in the metal industry both nationally and internationally. The Basque Country is in turn a blessed region which combines beaches and mountain ranges perfectly.

Its culture, gastronomy and tradition make the Basque Country unique.

Ancestral culture

The Basque Country differentiates itself through its rich culture and tradition, considered amongst the oldest in Europe. Its people, friendly and reliable by nature, form a community whose customs cover a wide variety of fields, from dance, gastronomy, sports and music to language itself, whose origin is a mystery.

Natural paradise

The Basque Country is situated in a very privileged zone. Its climate and topography, totally different to the rest of Spain, makes this region unique, surrounded by mountains and forests full of wildlife, unique beaches and wide plains. Its landscapes are perfect for discovering on foot, from small towns and villages where you can immerse yourself in culture and tradition, to their cities, full of life and activities.

Unmatched gastronomy

The Basque Country is known for its excellent gastronomy, with Pinxos being the most popular and recognisable. A multitude of restaurants known for their excellent dining are located throughout the Basque Country, sharing amongst them 47 Michelin stars. Wine is another major tourist attraction with Rioja Alavesa, famous for its quality wines located in the area.

Industrial fabric

The Basque Country has a long tradition in metallurgy. Consequently, knowledge of the sector is widespread and resources are readily available. As well as that, many companies have long-standing experience in the sector. The region is a benchmark in the metal industry both domestically as well as internationally, which has led to a boost in metallurgic companies and their growth in the area over the years.