Know how

More than just a forge

You cannot achieve good results without this intangible asset in the whole process: know-how.

In Alcorta Forging Group, we tackle any project presented to us using our wide knowledge, capacities and partners, not only to provide solutions in forging but also to add other technological processes that are required for the further development of the product.


Each project is unique. That is why we carry out a simulation study prior to full development, maximizing its functionality, decreasing the weight and adapting its geometry to secure an optimal manufacturing process.

Alcorta has the most advanced means for design and simulation of both physical forces by means of finite elements and material flow in the forging process, that enable an infinite number of iterations for improvement prior to the final definition of the definite geometry.

Forging process

We offer comprehensive solutions to our customers, fully adapted to their needs. Our capacities and resources go beyond simple forging. We are able to manufacture our own tooling, which allows us to carry out a project from start to end, resulting in a greater accuracy on the actual final parts. On the other hand, we can deliver fully machined parts with coatings or assemblies if required.


In Alcorta Forging Group we always make sure to always be at the forefront of the latest available materials, offering the best quality and performance for our parts. We perform an initial analysis to select the material that is best suited to each piece, thus ensuring optimal results and maximum customer satisfaction.

Time to market

If something sets Alcorta Forging Group apart from others, it is the way we deal with our customers. For us, first and foremost is customer satisfaction; we are leaders in delivery effectiveness of our projects and meeting any need of our customers.

Human resources

We have a great team of professionals with wide experience in the sector. Alcorta Forging Group operates like clockwork. The objective is only reached if the full vocation and collaboration of each and every party is guaranteed.


As if all this was not enough, we have a wide network of partners, which include, among other, universities and research centres, because our objective is to improve and always offer optimal solutions, surrounding ourselves by the most skilled professionals.